Let her be the small dog that makes people fall in love with small dogs.

Matilda the smart, well-mannered lady-dog.

Little dogs are inquisitive, passionate, and quick on their feet.

They’re eager to please – when trained with gentleness and positivity. 

Join me as I raise Matilda the minpin-chihuahua mix to be a smart, well-mannered lady-dog. Together, we’ll discover how dogs learn and how to train them in a way that minimizes fear and anxiety while setting them up for success.

The world is a big, scary place from 12″ up. You’re her guide, her guardian, and with the help of your signals, cues, teachings and, of course, treats, she’ll become a confident, intelligent pooch with good manners.

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Step-By-Step Positive Potty Training For Small Dogs

Little dogs are notoriously hard to potty-train.

If your small dog is still having accidents in the house, and you feel your patience running thin, it’s time to rethink the way you communicate with your dog.

Small dogs have small bladders. They’re easily stressed out by punishment, and sometimes, they just plain misunderstand where they’re supposed to go. 

  • How To Potty Train Your Puppy Without A Crate (0) You can potty train your puppy without a crate - you'll need more supervision and a confined puppy proof room. Crates are widely acclaimed as the ultimate, totally necessary puppy potty training tool.  It’s true – by confining your puppy to her bed, you can take advantage of her natural instinct to avoid soiling her sleeping space so she’ll learn to “hold it” until you take her out. However, you can choose to potty train your puppy without ...

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Little Dog Training And Behavior Tips

The more positive, polite behaviors you teach your dog, the fewer problems you’ll have discouraging bad habits. Use my step-by-step guides to quickly teach adorable, entertaining tricks that your dog will love performing.

Discover what makes your dog learn, and how you can use games and positive reinforcement to make learning fun for your dog.

  • Are My Dogs Playing Or Fighting? A Human’s Guide To The Bitey Face Game (0) On the surface, dogs look like they're just pretending to kill each other. Dog play is actually an interpretive dance, a back and forth conversation. Never a dull moment in a multi-dog household – especially when you sit in the sidelines for an action-packed game of Bitey Face. If you’re new to having 2+ dogs, you might find rough play surprising, and may wonder how you could possibly know when to interfere. The first time I saw Matilda with her fangs ...

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Dog Product Reviews To Help You Shop

Shopping for new dog stuff is one of my favorite things to do – and I bet you feel the same way. Companies often send us their products to review, and I may receive compensation for my review posts. I only feature products I love and recommend.

My reviews are honest and as thorough as possible, including the pros and cons of each product. I hope to make it easier for you to find the very best to spoil your pets.

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Chihuahua Madness

As one of the most popular dog breeds (and the second most surrendered and euthanized in shelters,) Chihuahua madness is a very real phenomenon. These little dogs are taking over our homes and our hearts.

  • 10 Symptoms Of The Diehard Chihuahua Mama (11) 10 Symptoms of a diehard Chihuahua Mama Are you a Chihuahua Mama? Diagnose yourself – if you have 6 or more symptoms, you’ve officially been affected. 1. You have a tiny dog. You don’t have to have a purebred Chihuahua to be a Chihuahua Mama. In fact, I’m starting to think the word “chihuahua” is becoming as blurred as the ambiguous term “pitbull.” Short ...

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