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12 Signs Your Chihuahua Needs To Go To The Vet

12 Signs Your Chihuahua Needs To Go To The Vet


Dogs get sick for many different reasons.

Your pet may have consumed food that did not agree with their stomach or they could have gotten into something that is fatal to their health. In any event, your Chihuahua cannot tell you what they are feeling or where they are hurting, so you need to be aware of the signs that your Chihuahua needs to be seen by a veterinarian.

12 Symptoms to Acknowledge

The signs that indicate your Chihuahua is sick include:

  • Weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Disorientation
  • Bloody urine
  • Bleeding
  • Seizures
  • Lack of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty or inability to walk
  • Difficulty breathing

Questions You Should be Ready to Answer

When you go to the vet, they will ask a series of questions to help pinpoint the cause of your dog’s sickness.

General Questions

How long have you owned your dog?

The length of time you’ve had your dog plays a significant role in what could be causing your dog’s sickness. The older a dog is, the more at risk they are for developing diseases including patellar luxation and tracheal collapse.

 Patellar Luxation: the knees of a Chihuahua are a complex structure that requires ligaments and tendons to be properly aligned. Chihuahuas do not have many health problems, but this knee problem is common among this breed of puppies and dogs. Patellar luxation is often referred to as the “trick knee”. This condition occurs when the kneecap or patella is dislocated or moved out of place.

Tracheal Collapse: Chihuahuas have another common health condition known as tracheal collapse. Symptoms of this condition include coughing, wheezing, and gagging. This issue occurs while your dog is trying to breathe. While your pet is taking a breath, the trachea will partially collapse or close. This condition affects puppies and dogs of the Chihuahua breed.

Where Did You Get Your Chihuahua?

Your dog could be experiencing health issues due to  where they grew up. Some pet owners get their dogs from adoption shelters, take in strays, or from a breeder. The chances of your dog having a health condition are higher if you took in a stray or got them from a shelter because adoption centers often lack a sufficient amount of staff members to give each pet the attention they require on a daily basis. You never know what kind of life a stray puppy or dog has lived before you took them in. Stray dogs are often abused, hungry, and dehydrated. Each of these factors could play a role in your Chihuahua’s overall health for the present and future.

Do You Have Other Pets That Are Ill?

If you have more than one sick pet, this is an indication there may be something in the household causing your pet’s sickness. If your pets ventures outdoors, they may have gotten into something outside the home that’s causing a specific illness.

Does Your Chihuahua  Have Issues with Fleas?

Fleas are a problem whether you have one or more pets. Fleas bite and suck your dog’s blood, causing severe itching and rashes. Your pet will scratch continuously, causing fur loss, scabs, and bleeding.

Do You Give Your Dog Table Scraps?

It may be difficult to turn down your dog’s big, sad eyes and frowning face, but a lot of food humans enjoy should not be consumed by dogs. Many of these forbidden foods include onions, garlic, grapes, milk, raisins, avocado, and chocolate. These foods are toxic and can be fatal to your pet.

Are Your Dog’s Vaccines Current?

Vaccine’s are important for all pets. Without vaccines, your dog is exposed to many different illnesses and diseases, and some are fatal. A veterinarian can rule out certain diseases and conditions when your furry family member is current on their vaccines. If not, a diagnosis will take longer and prolong your pet’s suffering.

These questions are just a few you will be asked about your pet and its behavior. To help with a diagnosis, write down anything you notice that is different about your pet, including their diet, bathroom habits, and mood.

Photo Source: Rayya The Vet On Flickr

Mary Nielsen
Mary Nielsen is a passionate dog lover, blogger and part-time music teacher. She started to share her ups and downs of being a pet parent to a bunch of adorable mutts. When she is not playing with them or teaching, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen.

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Doris Squibb

Tuesday 15th of November 2022

My Chihuahua chocks when he drinks water


Sunday 16th of January 2022

Thank you for sharing all this valuable information!

Kim Mozena

Wednesday 15th of September 2021

I am concerned for my chihuahua she has in the last week started urinating at night in the bed. She also urinated while we were watching tv? She is 12 years old.

Alice Sava

Wednesday 28th of April 2021

Thanks for the post! my friend has a dog of this breed. Her dog has good health and rarely gets sick. I know firsthand that Chihuahua diseases are often associated with improper care, maintenance, or nutrition. Chihuahuas should be given food rich in animal proteins and vitamins. If you do not follow the rules of nutrition, the dog may experience constipation, diarrhea, obesity with all the ensuing consequences.

Zoe Campos

Tuesday 20th of April 2021

It really helped when you said that my senior dog might be at risk and has higher chances of developing diseases. We adopted my pug a year ago but we were told that she's past ten years old. I think it's a good idea to visit a veterinary hospital for a quick check-up sometimes just to ensure that she's healthy.

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