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Four Gifts For Pets Giveaway #Sponsored By CleverPet

Spending money on the pets is the most satisfying form of retail therapy, in my opinion. It’s guilt-free, and your pet is always going to have an unfiltered reaction to their new digs, whether they’re crazy about their new toy, or bluntly disappointed about their new socks.

The holiday season is a perfect excuse for buying new stuff for your pets, but the truth is, you don’t have to purge your bank account. In the mommy-blogging world, savvy parents have been sticking to a four-gift rule to make wise, worthwhile gift selections that their kids would enjoy and benefit from for the upcoming year and beyond. The same concept can work for pets too.

In our first giveaway blog hop, hosted by Kol’s Notes and A Dog Walks Into A Bar, sponsored by CleverPet, we’re showing you some great gift choices, plus plenty of chances to win amazing prizes so you can really save on your pet holiday shopping this year.

Want: CleverPet

CleverPet is a game console for dogs that can stimulate, challenge and entertain your dog while you’re away. The game has 12 levels, each more difficult than the last.

 Through 01/01/2018, Get CleverPet for $20 off, use code at checkout: KOLCHAK-20

Wear: SleepyPod Gear

If you ever drive with your dog in the car, you NEED crash-tested gear.

You’ve probably seen many seatbelt products and carseats for dogs online at various price points. These will, usually, restrain your dog so they’re less likely to cause an car accident by distracting you, wandering about the vehicle, or ending up by the brake and gas pedals.

But those products are not proven to protect your pet in the event of a crash. When crash-tested, many of these products fail, allowing crash-test dummy dogs (yes, they exist!) to fly through the air.

All SleepyPod gear is crash-tested and approved by the Center for Pet Safety.

If your dog is under 15 pounds, like Matilda, they need a SleepyPod carrier, which is also airline approved.

If your dog is over 15 pounds, like Cow, they need a SleepyPod harness, which doubles as a walking harness.

Need: A Long Line

Walking your dogs on a standard 6-foot leash can be tiresome. They constantly tangle, and your dog naturally stops and starts to enjoy the scents in her environment, something she should be permitted to do for mental stimulation, but annoying to us on the other end of the leash.

A long line is just a very long leash. It allows your dog to safely drag the length of leash behind them, and without the constant pressure, she can feel free without being in harm’s way. Do note that some parks specifically require a standard length leash.

I like using long lines in empty soccer fields, waterfront beaches, and other open spaces where we will not get in anyone’s way. Sometimes I just clip Matilda and Cow’s leashes to one long line so they’re always within 12 feet of one another, it’s easier than wrangling two long lines.

These are excellent for training because you can work on recall and loose leash walking without the distracting pressure of the leash. We can, even unintentionally, use a standard leash to correct the dog when she’s not in the exact position we want. Giving her more freedom means we can teach her to willingly stay close without having to put unwarranted faith on her to not run away.

Read/Eat: A Novice’s Guide To Raw Feeding

Just like people, dogs are healthiest when they are nourished with fresh, whole foods. But if you’re not sure if you can afford it, and aren’t sure that you can do it right, you just end up feeling guilty as you pour your dog another cup of greasy brown cereal.

I was a fan of Kim’s blog long before I started raw feeding, and her no-guilt, down-to-earth articles really helped me gain the confidence to get started. After over 4 years of running her blog, working closely with holistic vets and nutritionists, participating in groups and forums, and recording her own experiences, she’s acquired a vast amount of knowledge, available in A Novice’s Guide To Raw Feeding For Dogs. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but I’ll be reviewing this book soon. Even so, this is a must-buy for anyone who is thinking about raw feeding.

4 Gifts for Pets Giveaway – LDT


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