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Matilda reviews Wiki Wags Super Wik Piddle Pads

Disclaimer: A complimentary sample of this product was provided for my honest review.

I know what you’re thinking. Why review a brand of potty pads? They’re all the same, right?

Well, not really. At all.

We’ve been using potty pads since Matilda was a puppy. She goes outside most of the time, but when it’s cold or dark out, we often allow her to use a pad indoors. We’ve experimented with lots of different pads, including cheap pads meant to be used in hospitals.

Not all potty pads are equal! One brand we used was just awful. When I unfolded the pad, it tore apart, leaving flaky white bits all over the floor. Others didn’t absorb the pee at all, while some leaked.

As for Wiki Wags Disposable Piddle Pads – I was very pleased, indeed.

Our Experience With Wiki Wags Piddle Pads

When you’re shopping for any kind of potty pads, always pay attention to the pad count. Not just the price.

I made this mistake a long time ago – I purchased a 5-pack of pads from a different company. Why, oh why, would anyone sell puppy pads in packs of 5? Dogs pee and poop every day. Puppies can use 3-5 pads every day. I had to go back to the store within the week for more.

So, it’s really nice that Wiki Wags comes in a pack of 50. 

For an adult dog that only uses them occasionally, that’s a few months’ worth.

When I use the cheapest pads available, even tiny Matilda can only pee on the pad once before it’s soaked and needs to be replaced.

Wiki Wags Super-Wik Piddle Pads are made specifically for dogs and puppies.

Notice that quilted wicking action, and how there's still plenty of dry space.

Notice that quilted wicking action, and how there’s still plenty of dry space.

They’re thick and with a quilted top layer, so they soak up tons of pee. Each pad has 6 plys, so once the dog pees, the moisture is quickly wicked away. These pads are also made to absorb odors, even though they’re unscented. I’m sure I’m immune to the doggy smell in my house, but I do notice that these pads absorb much of the urine scent that others can’t.

They’re also pretty big, with plenty of room for multiple pees.

I could probably get away with using a single pad for up to 2 days. Especially because Matilda eats grain-free kibble. This causes her poop to be dry and solid, and relatively odorless. When she poops, I can pick it up with a few squares of toilet paper and not leave a trace on the pad.

So far, I’ve only changed these pads once a day, while my cheapy pads need to be changed 2-3 times. I really like having fewer pads in my trash can.

While they’re not the cheapest pad on the market, they make up for it in absorbance and the convenience of having to change them less often.

Pee for pee, you’ll probably save more money with these than you would going for the cheapest option, though it depends on how often you’ll change them.

You can get Wiki Wags Super Wik disposable piddle pads on Amazon or at the Wiki Wags store website.

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