About Little Dog Tips – Lindsay Pevny and Matilda (and sometimes Cow)

Lindsay Pevny Dog #Copywriter

Hello! I’m Lindsay Pevny, copywriter for dog businesses and blogger at Little Dog Tips.

I love dogs, and I love to see them succeed.

When the wheels are turning in that little head, and you can see in her eyes that she’s deep in thought – and that instant when it clicks, when she does it right for the first time – those tiny moments are what I love most about small dogs.

I know you’ll feel the same way when you join me and Matilda as we learn new things by following the pawsteps of positively-trained dogs and their dedicated trainers.

I started Little Dog Tips as I was spending my first few months with Matilda, my new minpin-chihuahua mix puppy, I wanted to learn more about teaching her new tricks and perfecting her recall so I could keep her safe. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share with the world.

The outdated methods I had learned trying to help raise my family dog had backfired – and it’s no wonder, really. Shaking cans full of pennies, shouting, and discouraging “dominant” behavior were the barbaric training techniques I had picked up from dog training books and casual advice. Nick the westie was a great dog, but he could have been better if we had known about modern, positive dog training.

Why I Write About Positive Dog Training

I’ve taken the time to learn about both sides of the coin – “positive” dog training and “balanced.”

Positive dog training is a loose term, basically meaning that you rarely punish your dog or use force to teach good behaviors and discourage bad habits. Positive trainers rely on motivators that make the dog happy to listen.

Balanced dog training is also a broad term, but it usually means a trainer does use positive motivators, as well as punishment. Some use prong collars or shock collars to control unwanted behavior and to enforce commands. I do not feel these methods are abusive, nor will I berate you if you choose to use them – especially if you use them responsibly and thoroughly understand the risks.

I simply find that positive, science-based training works best for most dogs, especially small dogs. Best of all, they enjoy learning without fear of punishment.

Cool and Easy Tricks To Teach Your DogDogs love to learn. They will listen even around distractions if they’re trained with kindness, consistency and plenty of rewards.

I hope I can help you find the most positive way to raise the dog of your dreams.

Who’s The Pup On Little Dog Tips?

About Cow blue heeler black lab mix and Matilda minpin chihuahua

Matilda the minpin-chihuahua mix is 2 years old. She loves learning new tricks and sleeping under the covers. She’s a gentle dog who loves people, especially children, but can be a little shy at first. Her licker goes out of control sometimes – she might get you in the mouth or up the nose if you’re not careful.

Matilda took a few months to fully potty-train, but stopped having accidents once she learned to communicate with her potty bells.

Cow chose us. I was planning to have one dog, not two. But Cow happened, and she’s one of the best things that has ever happened to us. A blue heeler – black lab mix, she loves hugs and learning new tricks.

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