Why We’re Excited For The BlogPaws 2016 Conference

blogpaws conferenceIn about two weeks, me, Alberto and Matilda will be driving 8 hours to Chandler, Arizona to the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort, where we’ll be staying and attending the 3-day BlogPaws Conference to meet our online blogging friends, network with brands and attend informative educational sessions on social media, SEO and content creation. Woohoo!

We’re A Best New Pet Blog Finalist!

Little Dog Tips was nominated as a finalist for the Best New Pet Blog award. We can’t wait for the red carpet event at BlogPaws, where the winners will be announced. It’s going to be just like the Oscars, only for pet blogs, not movies. Leonardo DiCaprio is not rumored to show up, but I’m feeling optimistic that he’ll stop by.BlogPaws Finalist

Winning would be a bonus, but being a finalist is already so exciting. When I started Little Dog Tips in June 2015, I couldn’t even imagine that, in less than a year of blogging, I would be recognized in the pet blogging community.

At first, I only intended to use it as a portfolio for pet articles for my freelance writing clients.

As I learned more about dog training, especially positive reinforcement and science-based methods, I couldn’t help but share what I learned in heartful, educational blog posts.

Before I met her, I came up with the name Matilda because I planned for her to be clever despite her small size, just like the heroine in one of my all-time favorite movies.

Positive reinforcement training and my new understanding of dog behavior made it possible for Matilda to be clever… even magical in the way she brings so much joy to everyone around her. In the years to come, I hope to help others feel the same about their own little dogs.

The other best new pet blog finalists are Bodie on the RoadThree Chatty Cats and A Dog Walks into a Bar. It’s been so much fun to grow with them this past year, and see them get recognized for their work.

Preparing For Matilda’s First Public Appearance

This is Matilda’s first major outing. She’s going to be around a ton of people and animals for the first time.

I’m a little nervous. Whenever she sees an animal she wants to meet, she’s likely to bark… well, it’s more of a scream, really.

In our little town, there’s few opportunities to prepare for this huge event.


The calm, mannerly Matilda I hope to bring to the BlogPaws Conference. Or not, whatever. It’s your conference, baby – scream if you want to.

We’ve been doing extra practice on look (focus on me!) and heel lately. To us, heel means, if she’s walking too far ahead, I’ll stop, and she needs to return to my side before we walk forward. It’s tough for her to remember her manners when she’s distracted, but I know she’ll do her best.

I’ll bring my Calm Puppy essential oil spray and a baggie of food and treats – I think those things will help keep her calm in case she wants to scream.

Maybe I’ll be embarrassed that the cover girl of my dog training blog might behave badly in public. At the same time, I’m going to embrace the fact that we’re learning as we blog, and the BlogPaws is going to be a great experience for our family. Oh, but… you haven’t heard the way she screams. The humanity!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.46.20

Even so, I’m always so excited for people to meet Matilda in person (in… dog?). I love when people are able to see why we find her so lovable. I can never put her cuddles, her captivatingly round brown eyes, and her forceful kisses into words that really express how much we love her.

I’m hoping, despite the craziness, she’ll enjoy getting attention from our friends, and won’t kiss anyone too passionately. Unless they consent to it, of course.

Roll call! If you’ll meet us at BlogPaws, let us know in the comments!

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