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Can CBD Dog Treats Calm Your Reactive Dog?

Can CBD Dog Treats Calm Your Reactive Dog?

Reactivity sucks the fun out of having a dog.

Walks and dog parks become difficult, even impossible. Having guests over to be greeted by a dog that barks nonstop can be embarrassing.

Worst of all, it sucks the fun out of being a dog. Instead of playing, meeting new people and living a careless life, a reactive dog experiences frequent spikes in cortisol, the stress hormone, that can affect their physical health.

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Fortunately, we’re learning more and more about reactivity and dog behavior. One of the more recent advances in treated reactivity are CBD dog treats – tasty cookies with hemp-based CBD extracts baked right in. Used daily or about 30 minutes before a triggering event, CBD treats can change your reactive dog’s life.

Is Your Dog Truly Reactive?

It’s normal for dogs to react. If your dog gets excited about squirrels or barks when the doorbell rings, she’s showing normal dog behaviors that can be worked on, but aren’t abnormal.

However, if you find it extremely difficult to reel your dog in while she’s reacting, she might be overreactive.

Reactivity inhibits learning. You may have noticed that when your dog is totally engaged in staring down the mailman down the road, she will completely ignore your treats – even if you were to wave a juicy piece of steak under her nose. 

When a dog goes into “flight or fight” mode, and has that adrenaline rush, it’s impossible for her to eat. It’s also impossible for her to learn.

If you need to teach your dog to react differently to something, you will first need to dial back that adrenaline rush so your lesson can actually get through to her.

Calming dog treats can help your dog reach a calmer state and make them more receptive to learning without making them less alert.

What Are CBD Dog Treats, And How Do They Work?

It’s extremely important that you understand the distinction between hemp and marijuana.

Marijuana is still illegal in a lot of jurisdictions. It is used to make products that are high in THC, the chemical compound that makes humans feel high and giggly. THC is toxic to dogs in large amounts.

Hemp is used to make products that are high in CBD, a chemical compound that can alleviate pain, anxiety and inflammation, but does not have psychoactive properties, so it does not make people or animals feel high.

Humans and many animals, including dogs, are born with an endocannabinoid system made up of receptors throughout the body. These receptors help regulate appetite, mood, pain, memory and sleep. When the receptors connect with substances known as cannabinoids, homeostasis, or balance, is achieved.

Some cannabinoids occur naturally within the body, others are found outside the body, in foods like those that contain omega-3 fatty acids – fish, for example. CBD and THC are also cannabinoids, found only in hemp and marijuana.

So, when your dog ingests CBD, it is interacting with every part of her body. It can allow her to experience everything around her in a different way. Not only can she feel calmer around things that trigger her, she may feel more open and receptive to them.

To eliminate the possibility that you will give your dog a product that is impure, contaminated, high in THC, or otherwise bad for them, we love and recommend made-for-pets CBD products from HempMy Pet.

Will CBD Dog Treats Cure My Reactive Dog?

CBD dog treats are not meant to cure or prevent any disease, health condition or mental health problem. Thousands of anecdotal accounts and a growing number of research studies have been showing us that CBD can help relieve some symptoms, though what works for one dog may not work for another.

Reactivity can be a result of genetics, past trauma, underlying health problems, or even your dog’s diet. Your vet can rule out any other factors and help you decide how to try CBD oil as part of your plan to help your dog’s reactivity. Also consider working with a professional trainer or behaviorist that relies on science-based, reward-based behavior modification.

How Can I Use CBD Dog Treats To Help My Dog?

CBD dog treats can play a major role in your dog’s progress. But if you truly want to change your dog’s mind about something, you’ll need to show her how you want her to act in those challenging situations. It’s just a bit easier when you give them their CBD treats about 30-45 minutes before. Then, lead the way.

Dogs are highly social animals. Numerous studies show that dogs look to us when they’re scared.

If your dog starts screaming when they see another dog at the park, you’ll probably start holding your breath whenever you see another dog, especially if you see it first. See? Humans can become reactive too. It’s easier to control your own emotions first, and then allow your dog to follow your lead.

Also, keep in mind that your dog does not know what to do with their energy and attention. Speeding up the walk, and jogging in the other direction can sometimes help. A lot of the time, we exacerbate reactivity by giving our dogs too much time to react. A quick look at the other dog, a celebratory “Yay! A friend!” instead of a preemptive “Don’t even think about it… we’ve talked about this!” goes a long way. Then, keep it moving!

Even if it seems like your dog does not react to praise, celebrate every inch of progress. We often don’t see how far we’ve come, and don’t realize just how even a small change can lead to bigger things… like the uneventful park outing you’ve been dreaming of.

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Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts on the different ways CBD oil can be used, how it works, and what researchers are still learning about its uses for domestic animals. In the meantime, you can learn more on the HempMy Pet website:

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Dorothy Woll

Friday 12th of March 2021

I recently bought CBD Hemp mushroom treats for our little Cavapoo. He barks at every single dog while on a walk. I only gave him half of the 25mg bite (he weighs 15 lbs). By the time we got out on the walk - almost an hour after the bite - he was crazy erratic! I think he had the opposite reaction from what you describe in your CBD product. He was so hyped up, walking in a zig-zag direction on leash, much worse behavior. We had to go back home and my husband said to get rid of the stuff. Maybe all CBD products are not equal. The barking is certainly behavioral. He is six years old and we've had him for a few months. He is fine with dogs in the dog park and with friends' dogs in their backyard. Very frustrating!!

Sandra Patterson

Wednesday 24th of July 2019

You make a good point that when you are teaching a dog something, you first need to be able to get the lesson go through to it. I have a very hyperactive puppy, and it is impossible to catch her attention. I bet if I used something like this then I could get her to calm down enough so that she can learn better.

Nathan Taylor

Wednesday 8th of May 2019

Hi ,

WOW! CBD dog treats with hemp-based CBD extracts. Who would have known, this is fabulous news for me and my dog. Thanks for the post.

Cheers Nathan...

Jack OG

Wednesday 17th of April 2019

I gave CBD a try for my Dog in the new year when I knew there was going to be fireworks and I was pleasantly surprised. She is usually running round the house terrified when they are going off but she ended up sleeping right through it.

I maybe gave her too much lol. I'll try again next year


Thursday 4th of April 2019

Well, I was wondering and confused about the use of CBD oil on my Mini Bernedoodle but this article is informative enough for me to decide. Plus the comments are also helpful, so going to get CBD oil for sure. Can you please tell which one is the best brand?

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