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America's Family Pet Expo in OCFamily Pet Expo in Orange County is the world’s largest pet expo, with a record-breaking attendance of over 47,000 guests this year.

Matilda wasn’t allowed to come, only exhibit animals were permitted. Being without her felt strange, but it’s easy to get your “animal fix” at a huge pet expo like Family Pet – there’s creatures everywhere you look.

Whether you’re a pet blogger, pet professional, or just love animals, I recommend attending pet expos as often as possible. At Family Pet Expo, many vendors were debuting products for the first time, before they hit the shelves. There’s no better way to see what’s going on in the pet world. With high-tech products, healthy food options and brand new solutions to any pet problem imaginable, there’s new stuff every year.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed at the lack of representation for positive reinforcement training. I wasn’t impressed to see a Belgian Malinois wearing a prong and shock collar just so he could sit still in front of his handler’s dog training booth. But this post isn’t about that – so, moving on…

I did see quite a few booths devoted to small dogs. It’s so tough to find petite sizes and products designed specifically with the needs of tiny dogs in mind. Additionally, you can never have too many outfits and accessories!

JCLA LIttle Dog Carrier Booth1. JCLA Boutique

One of my favorite booths was the Jeanne Chinn Los Angeles Boutique.

Their high-end line of dog carrier purses are unlike any I’ve ever seen. The JCLA Boutique also carries Swarovski crystal leather collars and both fancy and casual outfits for little dogs, and they have an online boutique, too. If Matilda ever steals my credit card, I know just where she would have her shopping spree!

2. Doggie Fresh

Doggie Fresh was handing out free samples of their leave-in creme skin and coat moisturizer at Family Pet Expo. We gave their herbal fragrance a try, and I’m impressed with how just a dab gives Matilda a softer, shinier coat – and when I squeeze out too much, I can just rub it into my hands. It makes your dog extra pettable and can help stop shedding. Their moisturizers are available online, and you only need a little dab after your dog’s bath, so it should last a long time.

GeorgyGirl leather harnesses safe for small dogs3. GeorgyGirl Boutique

The leather harnesses from GeorgyGirl Boutique were truly designed with precious little dogs in mind, and reminded us of high-scale handbags. Little dogs are especially vulnerable to tracheal collapse and eye injury if they pull on their collar. GeorgyGirl leather harnesses evenly distribute pressure to prevent injury. The boutique also carries human-quality apparel, like hoodies and tank tops for little dogs.

4. Pooch Selfie

We were pretty excited to see the Pooch Selfie people at Family Pet Expo, we had seen the viral image all over the internet. It’s so simple, yet so brilliant – a squeaker ball attachment for your phone that gets your dog’s attention so you can actually get her cute face in all of your selfies.

IMG_97095. Hollywood Poochie

Hollywood Poochie had the, paws down, fanciest booth in all of Family Pet Expo. One of the booth owners told me she actually had to cut down a lot of the pizazz before opening to comply with fire precautions. Now that’s fancy! Their outfits and harnesses are equally fancy, each decked out in lacy details and ruffles.


Give these little dog shops some love! Follow your favorites on social media and check out their online stores. Which do you like best?

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