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Get Your Readers To Sit & Stay

Lindsay Pevny Pet #CopywriterCaptivating online content attracts your ideal audience and keeps it close.

I’m Lindsay Pevny, a California-based freelance copywriter and blogger who specializes in helping dog-related businesses reach dog lovers online.

I write blog posts, product descriptions and web copy for barkeries, dog salons, boarding kennels, pet supply shops and other businesses that cater to dog owners.

My AS degree in Business Administration taught me how to conduct a breakeven analysis, but my years of creating web content for businesses and training distracted puppies taught me that in order to sell, you must first offer something irresistible.

A great blog is an incentive for dog owners to visit your site, and an excellent way to connect with more customers. Regularly updated content improves your website’s SEO, gets you noticed on social media and keeps customers coming back.

I’ll help you create a content marketing plan to get your website started, or upgrade your existing content for that little bit of extra woof!

View more of my writing and hire me at

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