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How Bone Broth Can Boost Your Dog’s Health – Primalvore Review

How Bone Broth Can Boost Your Dog’s Health – Primalvore Review

Have you heard of bone broth? If you’re an active reader of articles in the pet, human wellness, sports or food space, you’ve definitely heard about the seemingly miracle benefits of this popular superfood.

At this time, I haven’t been able to make bone broth at home, so I was excited to get a chance to work with Primalvore to try their new beef and chicken broths and research the health benefits to find out just what all the hype is about, and whether the benefits are overblown, or if we all truly need to have a few pouches of this tasty stuff in our dog food cabinets. What I found was pretty amazing!

This is a sponsored post, I was given free samples and compensated in exchange for my honest review. I only promote products that me, Matilda and Cow have used and love. 

Benefits Of Bone Broth For Active Dogs

Bone broth is highly palatable, making it an excellent way to encourage your dog to drink more water. I love Primalvore’s reclosable twist-off cap, which makes it super convenient for taking along on hikes, walks and other adventures. Just like people, dogs should be offered a drink before, during and after exercise.

Studies on humans suggest that bone broth can help speed up recovery and reduce muscle and joint soreness after high-impact activity. While there’s still not a ton of data on all of the effects of bone broth on dogs, it seems very likely that the benefits for canine athletes go way beyond hydration.

Since dogs do not sweat, they do not lose electrolytes when they exercise. They do, however, lose electrolytes through vomiting and diarrhea. Primalvore is shelf-stable, as long as it’s unopened, you can keep it in your cabinet for up to 18 months so you always have it on-hand in case your dog gets sick.

Digestive And Whole-Body Benefits Of Bone Broth

Many dogs seem to be suffering from itching related to intolerances to common ingredients in commercial dog foods. In fact, Cow was one of those dogs. She ate a chicken flavored kibble for a few months and developed an intolerance to it. Her skin became red and inflamed, she lost a lot of fur on her chest, and she was miserably itchy. Switching to a chicken-free kibble helped somewhat, switching to fresh, raw food cleared it up and helped her fur grow back.

But it seems strange that so many dogs, like Cow, are suffering from food intolerances. One possibility is the widespread occurrence of Leaky Gut Syndrome, in which the small intestine allows particles of food to pass into the bloodstream and attacked by the immune system, causing inflammation and symptoms like itching, gas, diarrhea and chronic ear infections. Leaky Gut Syndrome may be caused by processed diets, antibiotics and over-vaccination.

This is a big topic that warrants its own blog post. To put it briefly, so many non-digestive symptoms start in the gut. The collagen in bone broth may help repair the small intestine and resolve these symptoms. However, supplementing your dog’s diet with highly digestible bone broth is just one part of an effective plan to fight Leaky Gut. You should also eliminate possible allergens and feed as many fresh foods as possible.

Benefits Of Bone Broth For Senior Dogs

There’s a few reasons why I’m choosing to promote Primalvore over other brands, and why I think it’s worth purchasing even if you make your own. The bones used to make Primalvore are organically sourced, from free range chicken and grass-fed beef. Since it’s specially formulated for dogs, it’s low in sodium and has no toxic ingredients like onion, which can be found in bone broth products made for humans.

As is, bone broth contains collagen, which has been shown to help arthritic dogs become more mobile and experience less pain and lameness. Primalvore is fortified with additional collagen peptides, plus turmeric, a yellow spice that has been used for hundreds of years to ease pain and inflammation – and curcumin, found in turmeric, has been backed up by scientific research to be as effective relieving pain as aspirin, and can even fight cancer.

How To Serve Primalvore

Primalvore recommends a daily serving of up to 2 ounces per 20 pounds of dog. You get 12 ounces in each pouch, which, once opened, stays fresh for up to a week in the fridge.

You can also freeze the broth in a silicone ice cube tray to make tasty cold treats to help your dog cool off in the summer heat. I’m planning to drop a broth cube into a water bottle before heading out for a hike so we’ll have flavored water by the time we stop for a water break.

Primalvore bone broth can be served as an in-between meal snack or poured over your dog’s dry, canned or raw food.

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Brian Bishop

Sunday 13th of January 2019

Interesting take on bone broth. I might try it for my dogs.

Hridoy Hasan

Sunday 28th of October 2018

Dear Madam, Thanks for sharing Bone Broth Can Boost Your Dog’s Health and Primalvore Review. You are so cut....


Sunday 21st of October 2018

Hi Lindsay,

I appreciate your suggestion of using bone broth but do you really think these kinds of things will be useful without the recommendations of the doctors.

I know a lot about the pets and I think we should consult the doctor before applying any remedy to our pets.

What do you say?

Lindsay Pevny

Wednesday 24th of October 2018

That's a good question, Fahad. A lot of holistic vets recommend bone broth, though I haven't quoted anyone in this article. Conventional vets might also start recommending it to dogs who are recovering from illness or surgery, it's one of those things that is fairly safe to try with your dog - though a lot of remedies online really can be harmful!

Tosha H

Thursday 10th of May 2018

It sounds really healthy and I love pampering my dogs : D


Thursday 10th of May 2018

I'd like to find a brand to use as a back up in case I run out of homemade.

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