Balanced Blends is making raw feeding easy by providing packaged meals that meet the requirements for AAFCO “Complete and Balanced for All Life Stages.” Complexity is a major reason I don’t feed raw – I know I would have a lot to learn about balancing and supplementing to make sure they get all of their nutrients. This makes it easy to get started with raw without messing up.

This month, they’re hosting a contest called Making Raw Feeding Fun. We entered to serve up their raw food in the most creative way possible.

Around this time of year, I love to carve sugar pumpkins, so this was a great chance to create a mini Pup-O-Lantern for Matilda to eat from. Raw and cooked pumpkin is safe for dogs to eat, and it’s often used to ease digestive troubles. It’s also one of the few vegetables that my dogs go crazy over.


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