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Disclaimer: A complimentary sample of this product was provided for my honest review.

Are you disappointed by the fact that most pet products that are available in stores, advertised to us, even recommended by your vet… aren’t always safe and healthy?

If you’re not, you should be. Spot-on flea and tick are causing tens of thousands of pets to experience skin irritation and seizures. Hundreds of animals are dying each year from the adverse effects of spot-on flea and tick treatments. They’re especially dangerous to small dogs and cats.

Dog shampoos are a little less scary, but their synthetic ingredients leave behind residue and can cause dry skin and allergic reactions.

Where does that leave us?

If you can’t trust pet products in stores to be safe, what can you use on your animals to keep them flea-free and healthy?

Many people have turned to essential oils.

After reading a few internet articles or uncited tips on Facebook graphics, pet owners sometimes decide to treat their pets with essential oil products made for humans, or create their own essential oil concoctions by throwing together the contents of a few fancy bottles they picked up at the drugstore – only to experience a lack of results, or worse, dangerous effects such as skin burns, liver damage and seizures. 

That’s why you must only use essential oil blends specifically made for pets, formulated and tested by holistic veterinarians. 

Endless Mt. Oil Blends For Pets is just that – perfectly blended essential oil remedies for cats, dogs and horses. They’re effective, natural remedies for common ailments, created by holistic vets that understand aromatherapy and animal physiology.

I was excited to try out a few of these products in exchange for my honest review.

Matilda helps review #EssentialOil For Dogs from Endless Mt Oil Blends

Canine All Natural Pet Shampoo

My favorite of the products I tested was Canine All Natural Pet Shampoo.

I’ve been using a cheap, $4 puppy shampoo that smells like banana taffy. It didn’t irritate Matilda’s skin, but I was beginning to wonder if it was natural for a dog to smell like candy.

Matilda doesn’t like to be washed. She hates water, and always has. I have not spent much time positively conditioning her to love baths because when she smells like poop, my priority is on getti

Matilda In The Bath with Endless Mt Oil Blends

Sulfate-free means fewer butt bubbles.

ng the job done. I try to make her comfortable by laying down a rag for traction and keeping the water warm, but she still holds her ears back and looks pitiful the whole time.

Washing her with the essential oil shampoo made her bath less traumatic – the scents of the lavender, coconut, peppermint and lemongrass oils have a soothing effect on the nerves.

This shampoo is sulfate-free. Sulfate is what makes most shampoos lather, but also causes dryness. Less lather means rinsing was easier and faster.

I also noticed that the natural scents last much longer than the synthetic banana taffy scent. I could only detect the candy scent on Matilda for a few hours after her baths. The essential oil aromas lingered for a few days.

Matilda’s short coat is always shinier and smoother after a bath. I didn’t notice a big change in how her coat looked and felt, but you might find it easier to tell the difference if your dog has longer fur.

Calm Puppy Anti-Anxiety Blend

I also liked Calm Puppy blend – an aromatherapy formula that induces calmness. It’s safe for use on young puppies, and specially made for the first night in their new home.

Cow uses Calm Puppy Blend #essentialoils to cope with the car and anal probing.

Cow, coping.

Cow is a basket-case when it comes to car rides. She’s only had a handful of car rides in her life, one of which was a long trip to the vet to get spayed.

She’s so nervous in cars that she will not eat treats. She whines and cries, and pants and drools so much she soaked my skirt once.

I had the opportunity to test out Calm Puppy when Cow needed to see her vet about the green goo that had been oozing out of her eyes for the past few days.

I sprayed Calm Puppy all over her and the backseat, and sat with her for the whole ride. I told her to sit and lay down, and calmly soothed her without being too overly comforting. I said happy things like, “Doctor for Cow, yay! So Cow can get better!”

Cow whined a few times, significantly less than before. She was content with sitting or looking out the window. She panted, but she didn’t drool.

At the vet, Cow calmly allowed the assistant to lift her lip to look at her teeth and gums.

She even sat still as she was probed with a rectal thermometer and given an injection – both sensations she has never experienced before. She didn’t scoot or cry out when these things happened. I can’t confirm that Calm Puppy made her behave so well, but I have a strong feeling that it did. I’ve never seen a dog take a needle or butt-stick so nicely!

Canine Flea And Tick Spray With Diatomaceous Earth

I haven’t had much of a chance to evaluate the Canine Flea And Tick Spray With Diatomaceous Earth Bundle.

My dogs haven’t had any fleas since the horse that lived in our lot was given away, and the cool weather set in. Last summer, though, fleas were a big problem in my house. I used flea drops on my dogs, only to find that a few of the buggers were still creeping and crawling. I’d see a black dot moving around Matilda’s head or on Cow’s belly, and I’d grab it, smashing it between my fingers.

Last summer, I was only able to eliminate fleas by combining flea drops and sprays. The chemically flea spray smells exactly like the holy water at the Catholic church I grew up in. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Anyway, I saw a flea on Cow’s belly today, so I sprayed her with the Essential Oils Flea and Tick spray. I gave her another look-over, and she was flea-free.

In the coming months, I’m going to regularly apply the diatomaceous earth and spray. I’ll update this post later when I use these during the summer season.

I’ll be following these instructions for using the bundle: sprinkle the diatomaceous earth on the dog, and allow her to shake so the powder will settle in her coat. Then, apply the spray – the essential oils “seal in” the earth. The spray can also be applied to a fabric collar or bandana.

Use the products whenever your dog will be outside in an area with fleas and ticks – as often as every day.

In other news, I love the way the words “Diatomaceous Earth” rolls off the tongue. Say it with me: Dy – Uh – Toe – May – Shus – Earf. Ahhhh.

More Information About Endless Mt. Oil Blends For Pets

I spoke to Donna and Jonathan Stanley, founders of Endless Mt. Oil Blends, on the phone to discuss their products. I’m glad I did – they’re nice folks. I also found out they have been breeding genetic-screened, AKC English labradors for almost 30 years at Endless Mountain Labradors – so they really know and love dogs.

The Stanleys worked with holistic vets to create their dog, cat and horse blends.

Endless Mountain Oil Blends are made in 3000 square feet manufacturing space, and packaged in plastic amber bottles to keep them potent. They’re pre-blended, pre-diluted and ready to use. The products can be used for a year before you’ll need to replace them.

If you have any questions about Endless Mountain Essential Oil Blends, head over to their contact page, email, or leave a comment and I’ll make sure they see it.

Tell us in the comments: What do you look for when shopping for safe pet products?

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