Original Potty Bells Review And Giveaway! #Sponsored by Caldwell’s Pet Supply

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If you’ve been following Little Dog Tips for a while, you may have noticed that I’m a huge fan of using Potty Bells. It’s the best training tool you’ll ever buy for your dog.

We spend so much time asking our dogs to do things. Sit. Stay. Lay down. But we rarely think about how our dogs will let us know when they want something from us.

Once Matilda learned to ring bells to go outside, she had much fewer accidents and didn’t depend on her potty pads as much. She became more confident and more communicative.

Guests also get a hoot out of seeing her ring her bells. She’ll smash into them and stare demandingly at whoever is closest to the door. It’s adorable.

Disclaimer: I received potty bells and compensation in exchange for my review, and this post contains affiliate links. I only feature products that me, Matilda and Cow absolutely love! 

How To Teach Your Dog To Ring Bells To Go Outside

I wrote about potty bell training in a previous post.

You can also check out the potty training guides provided by PottyBells.com.

It’s super easy, even if you think you’re not the most experienced trainer, or that your dog isn’t very smart or trainable. Communicating via bell deepens your bond and can help set the strong relationship foundation you’ll need for future training.

I taught Matilda to ring the bell using treats, then replaced the food reward with the reward of going outside. Cow taught herself to ring the bells by watching Matilda.

What I Love About Caldwell’s Original Potty Bells

potty-bellsI’ve tried a few brands of potty bells. I’ve even made a sloppy version of my own with cat toys when I forgot to bring a set to my parents’ house. But Caldwell’s Original Potty Bells are my favorite so far.

Here’s why:

  • The top of the strap has a snap so you can hang them anywhere. It’s easy to detach them to take them with you to a friend’s house to keep your dog’s potty routine consistent
  • They’re nice and loud
  • The strap is long enough for short dogs to reach
  • The strap is thick and sturdy with reinforced nylon stitching
  • The bells and hardware are durable and well-made

What I Don’t Love About Caldwell’s Original Potty Bells

I can’t think of anything I would change about this product. They get the job done, and they look good hanging from the door. They’re built to last and backed with a lifetime guarantee.

They don’t come in pink, though. The black is timeless and goes with everything, but I wouldn’t mind some more fashionable options. The Holiday Edition Tartan print is stylish. I can imagine a dog using it while their owners gather for Thanksgiving dinner.

Would I Recommend Them?


These are the bells that will be hanging from my door forever – as long as there are dogs with doors that need opening, these are the bells I will use!

I recommend them for new puppy owners, but it’s never too late to start. You can use the bells for transitioning from potty pads, or for stopping accidents if you don’t realize your dog needs to go out until it’s too late.

2 Winners Will Be Selected To WIn Their Very Own #Pottybells! #giveaway #sponsored

Get Yourself Some Potty Bells!

I teamed up with Caldwell’s to host a giveaway. Two winners will get their very own Original Potty Bells shipped to their homes.

(Open to United States residents only, must provide a US address after winning to receive prize. No Purchase Necessary.)

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You can also buy potty bells from the PottyBells.com online store!

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