In just 1 week, your chihuahua will be happier and more eager to learn when you take the FREE #HappyLittleDogChallenge. Let’s change their minds about our adorable little dogs.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of people thinking my chihuahua mix is yappy, annoying or stubborn.

They don’t know how sweet and lovable she is.

My one problem?

Sometimes, she was hard to train.

Sometimes, she was fearful, or seemed to have a mind of her own.

I love that about her, don’t get me wrong… but I wanted to train her to be an exceptional dog so people would change their minds about tiny dogs like her.

I looked into dog training methods. Harsh punishments were not for her – in fact, she gets scared if I even tell her “no!” too loudly, and I don’t blame her. When you’re small, the world is scary enough. That’s why small dogs really, really need that strong bond with their owner before they can succeed.

A happy Chihuahua is a confident chihuahua. A strong bond takes your training to the next level, and makes dog ownership/parenthood SOOO much more enjoyable.

I created this 7-day challenge to help myself stay on track and build our relationship each day. I already see a big difference in Matilda. She already loved to be near me, but now it’s easier than ever to get her attention, teach her new tricks, and she’s more reliable at doing things she knows how to do. We’ve also made great progress in potty training and reducing her fear of strangers.

You’ve got to try this!

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