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Whether you’re starting your journey with a new puppy or looking to make the best choices for your small dog’s physical and mental health, we’ve got you covered.

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Dive into the topic that’s most relevant to your biggest doggy dilemma or canine curiosity right now:

Break Bad Habits

Use humane, highly effective training techniques to curb excessive barking, chewing, and other frustrating behaviors.

Teach Fun Tricks & Skills

Science-backed training techniques and fun-filled games and tricks from teaching your dog to spin, shake hands, play hide-and-seek, paint & so much more.

Health & Care

Learn what to feed, when to go to the vet, and how to keep your dog trimmed, tidy, and pain-free.

What You’ll Learn At Little Dog Tips

Little Dog Tips is a small dog training and health blog founded by Lindsay Pevny, pet industry copywriter, journalist, and content marketer for pet businesses, veterinary and behavioral training professionals.

Derived from scientific resources, veterinary texts, ethical principles and psychological concepts, personal experience, and conversations with dog professionals and business owners, I boil down the best and latest to-date information I can find to help you meet your personal goals for your dog.

If I can point you towards answers to help you give your dog the happiest, healthiest, best life possible – that’s the dream for me.

Once in a while, though, I’m going to write things that will make you laugh.

There’s always more to learn with Little Dog Tips – always fascinating behavioral research studies, hot topics, controversies, and drama in the doggy world. Follow along by subscribing via email or on social media and keep in touch!

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