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Take The Free #HappyLittleDogChallenge!

Take The Free #HappyLittleDogChallenge!

Make Your Dog Happier and Easier To Train in Just 7 Days!

What’s your dog’s most powerful motivator?

No, it’s not chicken…

It’s not a toy squirrel…

It’s not even bacon.

It’s YOU!

A strong bond and a sense of love and safety give your dog the motivation to listen to you,

even when you run out of treats.

The 7-Day Happy Little Dog Challenge is a weeklong dedication to your bond with your dog.

For seven days, you’ll get a unique, bond-nurturing, joy-boosting activity that you’ll both enjoy.

Each activity only takes about ten minutes from start to finish, so you’ll have no problem sticking to this challenge,

no matter how busy you are.

Who Should Take This Challenge?

The 7-Day Happy Little Dog Challenge is designed for virtually all dog owners.

It’s suitable for new puppies who don’t have any training experience yet, as well as more mature dogs who have been bonding with their owners for most of their lives. While it’s designed for small dogs, it can be adapted for our bigger friends too.

This week of fun activities will remind your dog of how important they are to you. Whether you’re in a training rut, feeling burned out as you deal with the same issues over and over again – or you just want to renew your bond with your dog – you’ll absolutely love this challenge.

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