Plus,  easy & time-saving ways  to hydrate kibble 

5 Health-Boosting  Reasons To Add Water To Your Dog's Dry Food

Benefit #1

Adding water to your dog's dry food promotes urinary tract health,  ]helping to prevent urinary tract infections,  bladder stones, and other common health conditions exacerbated by poor hydration

Benefit #2

More water = more volume, helping your dog feel satisfied on fewer calories, ultimately helping to control appetite and maintain a healthy weight.

Benefit #3

Hydrating kibble with warm water helps diffuse odors and flavors, helping to tempt picky eaters and encourage your dog to eat all of their food at mealtimes - rather than pick at their food throughout the day.

Benefit #4

As humans we have enzymes in our saliva that start to break down food while we chew.  Dogs do not have these enzymes, which can make it harder for them to digest plant-based foods. Rehydrated kibble may be easier to digest, with increased moisture that helps mobilize the digestive system and break down starches in kibble, helping the body utilize nutrients and helping to prevent indigestion.

Benefit #5

Rehydrated kibble can help slow down dogs that gulp their food.  Gulping can cause gas, indigestion, and may even lead to bloat in large dogs. Use rehydrated kibble in a slow feeder bowl for extra effectiveness at slowing down your eager eater.

Tips for Rehydrating Kibble 1. Soak food in the fridge for up to 48 hours so it's always ready to serve.

Tip 2:  Use made-for-pets Goat's Milk or Bone Broth to add extra nutrients like probiotics and amino acids - both available fresh, frozen or in powdered form.

Tip 3:  Measure dry food before rehydrating, and add no more than one half-cup of water per cup of kibble to make sure your dog is getting all of the nutrients they need per serving.

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